Sermon – Intuitive Counsel

I am a Certified Spirit Medium and ordained minister with a private practice in Tampa, Florida. I was ordained as a minister through Harmony Church in Tampa and currently serves at People’s Spiritualist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am publishing many of my sermons online as they may both benefit you, and illustrate additional spiritual services that I can provide to you at weddings or other gatherings.

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in multitude of counselors there is safety. That is from Proverbs Chapter 11 verse 14:

I felt that this verse has to do with intuitive counseling and the giving of psychic messages. The messages that are given to us through a spirit medium I feel are quite important. The medium is acting as an intuitive counselor and is using the God force that is within to help and guide many people. Is there a meaningful purpose behind the voicing of a psychic message? Or, is it something interesting or amusing? I would like to think there is a meaningful purpose. Did Jesus not give psychic messages? Was he not one of the greatest psychics on this earth?

I have been in spiritual development for 24 years and have been giving Intuitive counseling or psychic messages for ten of those years. I take my counseling very seriously and pray that what I have to say to individuals with the help of my spirit guide Blue Feather is of truth.  I also know that what is spoken or said is quite important to that person and when they leave there is a feeling of hope and renewed energy. I would like to give you an example of that. I know a young man that is very special to me and knows of my psychic abilities that asked me a question one-day. He had his son with him that particular summer and his ex-wife had told him they were going to move to Tampa before school started. He was quite excited about this so he was helping with the moving plans and doing whatever possible. Out of the blue his ex-wife changed her mind and said she was not going to move. He was devastated and did not know what to do. So he came to me and said, Janet is my family moving here? Please ask your spirit guide and as he was talking he held onto my arm as a connection so that I could feel his energy. Do you know what that did to me? Do you realize how important his question was? I did. I quietly spoke to Blue Feather and his answer to me was that she was going to move here and that it was an anxiety attack. He said to tell my friend to be gently persuasive and that it would work out. I did exactly that. As I was driving down the road I spoke to Blue Feather and told him I hoped he knew what he was talking about because what we just did for that person was going to be a heavy impact on his life. It’s not that I did not believe my psychic or Blue Feather (maybe there was some doubt) it’s just that it was a loaded question and I knew the answer was of great importance. Well, two days later my friend let me know his son and ex-wife were moving here and he was quite thankful for my message. I let out a sigh of relief. Do you see why I take it all so seriously?

We all need words of encouragement and when we get them through psychic messages they are of great value. I would like to give you one more example of an important message that was given to me. My daughter, who lived in England, called me a few weeks ago to give me a message and she said it was from my Mother. I said really. She loves to give messages to my daughter but to give me one through her was quite unusual. She told my daughter I was very angry and I needed to straighten up and become more grounded. I had to give this a lot of thought because I did not realize how angry I was but I do know that when things are tough I have the capability of going to another dimension in order to cope with this one. After much though I gave in and agreed to what was told to me and thanked my Mother for that message even if I did not like it. That message put a lot of things in perspective for me. One being I needed to face what made me angry not go to my other dimension to ignore it.

How many times have you been given a message from the other side through a medium and did not like it. Hopefully you did as I and gave them the benefit of the doubt.

What I am trying to do today is bring an understanding to the giving of messages from spirit mediums and psychic readers. How we give and receive those messages is very important. To let you know that all psychic talent is a “Gift of God” and we are the ones that have to enhance or bring it about. Try to realize that we profit from it spiritually, by helping others, and by putting it to good use.

In Proverbs chapter 15 verse 22 it says: Plans fail when there is no counsel, but they succeed when counselors are many.

I would like for you to know I am quite grateful for the fact that I have psychic abilities and can give messages and counseling to other individuals. Especially if those messages are well received and appreciated. Please know I am even more grateful that I can accept messages and counseling from others who have my interest at heart.

Power of Self-Love

Power of Self-Love. We all have that power. Self-Love is loving oneself. I feel also that how you treat others is part of how you treat yourself. How well do you love yourself? How strong is your will? What is and where is your power? I feel if you have high self-esteem that you have self love. I feel I have high self-esteem for myself in most areas. But of course there is one or two I am definitely lacking. Fears, I feel brings in low self-esteem. You need to confront your fears to build up your self-esteem in order to love yourself better. I would like to read you something from a book that I have called “Meditations for Women Who Do To Much” by Anne Wilson Schaef. When a woman believes that she is equal, she is called uppity. When we stand up for what we know and for what we believe, we are called aggressive and unfeminine. When we state that women are wonderful and that we are proud to be a woman, we are told that we are antimale.

When we put forth our perceptions, we are told that we don’t understand reality. When we put forth our values, we are told that we are crazy and we just don’t understand the way the world works. Is it any wonder that we sometimes have trouble with self-esteem?

I feel that this is a very special paragraph and that it says a lot for all of us. I would like for all of you to think about how you are and what you are. Quite a few of us have raised children on our own, ran businesses on our own and have held jobs down with a lot of responsibility.  I would like for all of you to be quite proud of yourself. No one told us it was going to be easy.  Move with as much ease as you possibly can and use the Power that you have. That is the Power of  Self-Love.

Sermon – Fears

I am a Certified Spirit Medium and ordained minister with a private practice in Tampa, Florida. I was ordained as a minister through Harmony Church in Tampa and currently serves at People’s Spiritualist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am publishing many of my sermons online as they may both benefit you, and illustrate additional spiritual services that I can provide to you at weddings or other gatherings.

When it was certain that the Master was going to die, his disciples wished to give him a worth funeral. The Master heard of this and said, “With the sky and the earth for my coffin; the sun and moon and stars for my burial regalia; and all creation to escort me to the grave—could I desire anything more ceremonious and impressive?”

He asked to be left unburied, but the disciples wouldn’t hear of it, protesting that he would be eaten by the animals and birds.

“Then make sure you place my staff near me that I might drive them away,” said the Master with a smile. “How would you manage that? You will be unconscious.”

“In which case it will not matter, will it, that I be devoured by the birds and beast.” – Anthony de Mello, SJ

“The free man is he who does not fear to go to the end of his thought.” – Leon Blum

If you happen to have an idea or thought apply it. Move forward to do what you feel is right. Do not let fear override it. It takes strength and courage to do exactly that. I ran a data processing service bureau for twenty five years. When I think back over the years I often wonder how I did that. Run a business I mean. To tell the truth I didn’t think I just did it. I jumped right in and did it. My experiences through out the years were truly amazing. Deep in my subconscious I had several goals and I realized this after 13 years of hard work. The first goal I had set came to light. That goal was to put people out into their homes to do data entry. Having done that I cut back on my overhead and I was able to move forward financially. My second goal was to hit a certain amount of money in sales and after 18 years I hit that goal and then some. All thorough out the years I worked on my spirituality never knowing just where I was going with it. Then one day I sat down and said I’m finished. I’m finished with running a data entry shop. I want to do my spirituality. I retired my business three years ago and have been doing my spirituality full time. Where I am going with this story is to help you understand it all starts with a thought or with an idea. You set a goal and then you move forward. You work hard at moving through the fears. Fear can drive you if you channel it correctly. Fear can make you do things you thought you couldn’t. You don’t let the fear or the ego get you down. You say ‘I can do this”. That doesn’t make it any easier but it can help to make it less challenging.

I got this paragraph out of my book Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much by Anne Wilson Schaef.

The tightening of the stomach, the sweaty palms, the increasing inability to focus, the tingling in our arms and hands, and the anxiety about looking good or having the right answer-we all know about fear.

Unfortunately, the life of the woman who does too much is controlled by fear. What if we’re not good enough? What if we’re not on time? What if nobody likes us? By the time we have worked ourselves up into lather, we are incapable of producing anything good. Fear and our illusion of control are intimately related. It is when we believe that we can control the outcome and the responses of others that we get fearful. Our worrying is a form of precontrol.

As I acknowledge my fear and turn it over to a power beyond myself, I can get the job done and done well.
Here are some thoughts of the month that I got off of internet.

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” – Seneca

“Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.” – F.D. Roosevelt

“An age is called dark, not because the light falls to shine, but because people refuse to see it.” – James Michener

“Dance like no one is watching
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like no one is listening,
Live like it’s heaven on earth.”
– William Purkey

The last thing I would like to say is “Fear has a smell, as love does.” – Margaret Atwood

The Power of I

The power of I. That is the power within/the power within you. Meaning you have a choice. You can do what ever you so desire.

What I believe to be true is our question. I gave this a lot of thought again and once more have asked for help from Blue Feather so that i can explain myself clearly. I would like to do it this way. I believe we pick our parents: for me that is something else because I might have picked my mother to have me but did I pick my aunt to raise me? Well I guess I did. Even thought they came from the same bloodline you would think that the qualities that I have my mother could have instilled in me as well as her sister did. Then I look at something else I believe to be true and that is we make a contract with God to experence our life. Meaning my mother agreed to pass over and my aunt agreed to raise me and when I contracted with God I obviously agreed to those same arrangements. I sincerely believe this because when I was little my aunt always said that God had our life written in his black book and when I got older I learned we contracted with God and so here we are. I am very grateful for all that did transpire between my aunt and I only because of what she did instill in me, meaning my honesty and strength. I often wonder if I could have made it in this world without those two traits. I also know that I am what I am because of me and the choices I have made.  I will end with something else I believe to be true and that is we make no mistakes we do what we are suppose to at the time. Amen

The Blue Feather Interviews – Practical Guidance From the Spirit World: Planetary Health – Part Two

On June 19th 2009 a groups of us had a second interview with Blue Feather on the future of Planet Earth. This is the second series of channeled writings offering “Practical Guidance from the Spirit World for the chaotic times ahead. One of his topics was “pay attention to the airplanes”.  There is a great possibility that they are not being Read More

Reflecting on Positive Growing Pains

When I moved here to Florida I registered my daughter to the Academy of Holy Names, which was a 40-minute drive from our home. Every day of my life I would get up and drive that child to school at 7:00 am and then I would have to pick her up at 5pm. I was able to leave her in the after school program so I didn’t pick her up time 4:30 or 5:00. I would have to leave work everyday in time to get her, take her home, and then I would have to go back to work. This went on for quite a while because I was building a business and I could not afford to put her on a school bus.  It’s not that I minded taking her, after all she was my child but it sure got to be a pain. So when Maiteland was in the 6th grade I inquired about the school bus just bring her home in the afternoon. I was told it would cost me $950 one way. There were two good things about this. One being it dropped her off at the end of our street and second Kathryn; my live in at the time could walk down and meet her. I was ecstatic. I could afford that and she would be safe. I was so grateful for not having to pick her up in the afternoon. I loved it. My daughter didn’t like it because she loved having me right next to her all the time. When she was 16 I bought her a car and was able to afford the car payments, which was another thing that I cheered about. She did not like that either. She is the only child I know that did not want to drive. This took most of the responsibility off of me and I was ever so grateful.


The Blue Feather Interviews – Practical Guidance From the Spirit World: Planetary Health – Part One

On March 20, 2009 I went into trance while a colleague interviewed my spirit teacher, Blue Feather.

Blue Feather had agreed to show us what he and the spirit world are seeing for the future of planet earth and the result was this article – the first in a series of channeled writings offering “Practical Guidance from the Spirit World” for the chaotic times ahead.

Collectively, we have done much harm to our planet. Blue Feather pointed out some of the activities that have caused the most disturbance for the earth, and he also let us know that we can improve the situation – but we need to be better informed – and we need to act quickly.

I hope this article inspires and helps you to understand more clearly what your role is, as we head toward the year 2012, a major turning point in our planet’s future.

Blue Feather was very concerned about the problem of pollution. Because of all the electrical appliances and electronic gadgets we use, there are waves of electrical energy going back and forth through the air, and this has an effect on the physical body.

In addition, much pollution comes up from the earth in the form of toxins (that humans put there): electricity, chemicals, and even vibration. The chemicals come up through the earth and are released into our atmosphere and we all breathe them in. Pollution also comes from the sky down. Airplanes create more pollution than we realize. Blue Feather even mentioned the launching of the space shuttle as a significant cause of air pollution in Florida.

Spirit is aware of all this, but many people are not or, perhaps, they choose to ignore the severity of the problem. All of these toxins in the air travel and, although they travel slowly, we can’t ignore that what goes on in one part of the world affects the rest.

Things that “ignite” set off a chemical release – through their explosions – that are detrimental to human health. Especially significant are the wartime ignitions caused by the increased bombings and gunfire. We don’t have a screen to filter it all out… plus the air is very stagnant, causing congestion in people’s bodies. Moving to less polluted areas can help, Blue Feather said, “Some, but not enough.”

What is coming up from the earth and down from the atmosphere needs to be cleansed.  Rain water helps, but Blue Feather noted that many areas are very dry currently, while others are experiencing flooding. Peace in the world would help – vibrationally and chemically.

Blue Feather said it would be helpful if farmers were more conscious about the fertilizers they used. Some fertilizers are fine, but fertilizers with petroleum products in them are detrimental. Organic gardening, which is being adopted by more and more people, will become even more popular in the future.

Alternative energy is very important, but a more thorough approach is needed because some oils can be used and some cannot, petroleum-based oil being a major pollutant. Blue Feather liked the idea of hybrid cars, however, because their fumes are less toxic.

All of this has to do with our consciousness about the issues. The various movies and discussions about global warming have helped raise awareness and there are many who are promoting this through books and articles as well.

Staying positive is so important to counteract the darkness that exists, with all the corruption, greed and dishonesty that is so evident today. Like-minded people who come together in groups can create stronger light to absorb and counterbalance much of the darker energy. Gatherings of people with burning candles and prayer can do more than one imagines to restore humankind to a more positive state.

While most of the channeling concerned the health of planet earth, Blue Feather also stressed the importance of taking care of our human bodies, through exercise and diet. What we put into the earth, the atmosphere and our physical bodies has an impact on our overall health.

Many people get sick because of the foods they eat – both the types of food and the additives in those foods. Blue Feather counseled, “Many vegetables; less grease.”

The state of our mind – our consciousness – has an impact on the health (and future) of the planet. Equally, the health of the planet affects our physical bodies and the future of mankind. We really can’t afford to take any of this for granted anymore – and that is Blue Feather’s main reason for this new series of channeled interviews.

Awareness is one side of the coin. The other is action.

Part Two – (Click Here)

My Will and My Self-Esteem

Having been tired of my life and the way it was going in Washington, D.C. I left there and came to Tampa, Florida. Here 23 years I have grown leaps and bounds. It took a lot of courage to leave my hometown and come to Florida but I did it and I have never been sorry. I have created and developed in so many ways since 1981 that it is hard to realize that so much time has gone by so fast. I swore when I came here that no one would ever interfere with my life or my daughters. I have stuck to that promise and the life that I have experienced from that one decision has been exciting and very rewarding. Rewarding to where I raised my daughter, built a business, and grew in spirituality. I can honestly say that I have loved every up and down moment that it has presented to me. My choices might not have been the best or the easiest but they have taught me everything that I know today. I have learned that no decision is wrong that we do what we have to at the time. I also have learned that we contracted with God to experience our life. I’m sure there is more for me to learn and I quite sure that my self-esteem will indeed go through more lessons, but I am ok with all of that. I’m quite grateful for what I have and I hope to continue on my journey with more love and ease then the past.