All Alone But Free

The beauty of what I see puts me at ease with my day. The river is quiet as I sit here in the cabin and watch. It will calm me down I’m sure. So much always goes on around me, but I was able to escape. I hear myself say the word ‘escape’, but it is how I feel. I listen once more to the calmness of the water, and I take a breath in. I have only been here one day, but in that time frame I have slowed down and yes once more I escaped. Then I say to myself what seems so bad that I need to leave or run away from.

Pressure all around. Family manages to get into my life and thoughts. I concern myself quite a bit with my only daughter. She is my heartbeat as are her two children, my only grandchildren. Not that I don’t love my two sons my daughter is another story a different lifetime. I am having to step back, and I can say step way back but emotionally it’s a challenge. I will let her have her own life no matter what. Her ideas are different so I must allow. Now I am looking at the mountain and they are so massive, and I could say so strong. It makes me feel good to look at them and I think, I am strong, she is strong so I will step back and allow.