I catch my breath as I look out at the sun setting and the ocean waves moving. The sky is so beautiful. You could say “hazy” in some spots with beautiful light surrounding the haze. I stand here wondering which direction to go in. I could go straight which would put me in the water or I could turn around to go back.

Since I can’t swim I definitely won’t go straight. Couldn’t we say that about life, “sink or swim.” Were I to turn around it would mean accepting all that is going on behind me. The music is blasting, people are laughing, actually dancing and enjoying. It’s been a long time since I have been around people. In fact it’s been a long time for many of us.

There is a bad virus pandemic called Covid19 surrounding all of us. It’s been many months of, I could say, “entrapment”. That might sound a bit harsh but true. Our life time has changed dramatically. Many adjustments for all. Face masks have to be worn at present while a distance of 6 feet of separation from each other is needed. No hugs are allowed. Everything needs to be disinfected which, of course, can be good.

The sad part is many people are leaving the earth. To some of us their absence is considered a cleansing or clearing. They are the older who are not in good physical health. Staying healthy is so necessary these days.

The phone in today’s world is a very important piece of equipment. Everyone can talk or phone with no worries. The phone is the reason I am here. Many of my friends called and discussed a party for Halloween. The timing is perfect because we decided to wear costumes that would cover our faces to be protected.

Turning around to go back I realize why I chose the rabbit costume. I have been told certain rabbits live in underground networks called warrens. Their whiskers are the same length as there bodies, the length determining whether they will fit through a tunnel or hole. Those whiskers stop them from getting stuck. I don’t want to get stuck in a hole or a rut. I will move forward, be thankful, also grateful as I dance to the music of life.