60 Miles

Walking, sneakersOh no here we go again sighed the Sketchers as the owner pushed her feet in and tied the laces tight. How many miles today the shoes wondered. I know we have completed over forty-five already and the ground is hot. I am one of the top selling sneakers, but these miles are killing me, and I wonder what it is doing to her.

I hear them talking and saying this is the last day and they are quite happy as in my owner. What she needs to know is I am quite happy about that also. As we start walking I hear once more my owner. “We have at least fifteen more miles to go and its going to take quite a bit of time and energy.” Upon hearing this information, you can hear my soles squeaking just thinking about the travel time and distance.

Half the day has passed as I see it there is no consideration giving to me at all. We have walked on more hot pavements and now we are crashing through wooded area’s surrounded by many hills. The sun has gone down, and the air is cooler. I am enjoying the coolness, but the hills are another story.

On we go and out of nowhere I hear everyone cheering and screaming. My owner falls to the ground and hugs her legs. She then unties my laces, pulls her feet out and sits me to the side…. it is over, it is done. We walked sixty miles she says. One thing for sure having walked sixty miles I am still in great shape. She picks me up and says well done. You are worth the price I paid.