My Christmas Spirit 2020

I sImage by Jill Wellington from Pixabayit on the couch with my back to the dining room. If I don’t look, I can’t see it. I’m not in the mood, I say.  I haven’t been in the mood. The box has been sitting there for four days now. I know I need to open it, but once more I’m not in the mood.

It’s now Sunday morning so where do I go from here? I once more look at the box and say, “Ok, here I come.”

It’s December so Christmas is on the way. The box is loaded with Christmas ornaments, my kids stockings that are as old as they are, and a beautiful Angel for the top of a tree. When I look into the box, I see all of the old ornaments that once decorated the tree when I had one. I do need to decorate. It’s Christmas, but I need to change my attitude first. I’m working on it but it’s a slow process. The fact of the matter is I’m making it a slow process. One thing for sure- I am not getting a tree. I just decided that I will decorate the fireplace only. I love the fireplace so I will put all my energy into creating a beautiful Christmas space.

The Covid19 virus has changed the whole world. The separation of friends, family, and associates is unrealistic.  This is the way that I am seeing it. The deaths are worse; I sometimes can’t believe what all these changes are doing to our emotions and feelings. I could say what they are especially doing to my emotions and feelings: for me they are creating havoc within. I do get depressed from all of it, but I try hard to shake it off. The separation of friends, especially now being Christmas, is the hardest. I’m not alone in this situation I’m sure. What are others doing, saying, or feeling?

I speak to many because of my line of work; I am an Intuitive Counselor or Psychic Medium. I am quite aware of what the virus is doing to others, we speak of it often. I do everything I can to encourage others to stay calm.  Meditation is a great way of calming the mind. It can put you in a positive frame of mind. Just to do fifteen minutes a day can create calmness. I balance my chakras every day now, which is a form of meditation to stay calm and not get depressed. When you tell your ego to go away it will change your thinking pattern.

I finally pull everything out of the box with love and care. Looking at my fireplace I smile. I can do this. I pick my first son’s stocking up and nail it to the top of the fireplace, then continue to place the rest of them in order. I finish by putting blue garnet around the fireplace, leaving room to hang the Christmas cards that come in. I stand back to look- beautiful! I start a fire, pour myself a glass of wine, then smile. I am very grateful that I have good health with much more. I salute everyone and wish them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I know 2021 is going to be a better year because we all will make it that way.