“Oh, listen,” I say to Tuxi, my beautiful cat. I walk into the living room where I have the music channel Pandora playing. “It’s Percy Sledge,” I tell her. “He’s singing one of my favorites songs. Oh, listen girl, he’s singing When a Man Loves a Woman.”

I stand in front of my TV listening to the sounds of the music. My feet and hips start moving to the beat. I start singing with Percy saying his words. If she is bad, he can’t see it. She can do no wrong.”Oh so many memories” I think as I float back to the past, “so many memories.”

I visualize him holding me tight as we sway to the music. He whispers in my ear, “Well this man loves a woman, I gave you everything I had. Trying to hold on to your high-class love baby, ooh, please don’t treat me bad.” He sings to me as Percy sings the same.

Once more I sway with the music as he holds me. “Memories can be so beautiful” I think as I move around the floor with him. He continues to whisper, “When a man loves a woman down deep in his soul. She can bring him such misery if she plays him for a fool.” I listen to his words. I think of all that has transpired over the years. So as Percy sings and he sings, holding me, I wonder what happened with us in that time and year.