My Passion

When I go to my networking groups, I have 35 seconds and sometimes a minute to explain who I am. I always say I am “your psychic of the day” and then I explain that I am a spirit medium. I try to put humor into my line of work. Not everyone agrees to psychic and or spirit medium. My business card states intuitive counselor, spirit medium and that is what I like to believe. Yes, I have the capability of receiving messages or memories from what I call the ‘spirit world’ or I could say from those that are deceased.

Symbols, words and gut instinct are typically how I receive the information that I share during a reading. How does this ability help others you might ask? With all readings, I am tuned into the present of today. I do this with the help of my spirit guide Blue Feather. He is strong and was a good warrior. Together we offer information that is exceptionally helpful to the individual; confirmation and insight to what is going on around them at that time. We relate to NOW and into the future. Symbols are often given at times to create more awareness during the reading. We concern ourselves with how we explain our thoughts and articulate this to each person. Questions can be asked, and answers found.

Trust is crucial in the line of counseling. When I hear words or see symbols, I need to trust what I see or hear from Spirit. Sometimes people’s facial expressions tell me a lot especially if I say something out of the ordinary. Should someone respond – no, they don’t think so – I offer the message for them to contemplate knowing that time will always tell. The information in the messages do not always happen immediately. It is best to give yourself or Spirit time. Many clients have shared that the insights from a reading can manifest in a day or one year later.

As a spirit medium, I enjoy and appreciate the symbols and words given to me by the deceased with support from Spirit which in my case is Blue Feather, my guide. He is my gate keeper, protector and the one that allows impressions and words to flow to me. They are memories or words of love and encouragement. I have been taught to forget but sometimes it can be a significant experience, so I ask permission from my client to remember and speak it.

One memorable vision that I had was with a client’s husband sitting on a back patio blowing bubbles as a child does. I asked her why. She shared with me that when he was on the earth plane, he blew bubbles for his grandchildren when they were small. The other part of that memory was he was a policeman. I thought that was very special because I don’t see or know of many policemen who do that. The other good part of this story is that my client left happy, knowing her husband was at peace and the message was his way of comforting her from the other side.

We are all psychic or intuitive in many ways. All we need to do is listen but most of all TRUST. Understand we have guides, angels, family and friends hanging around us to help get us to the next level of life. Most of all believe and enjoy because life is an adventure.