Now You Can Schedule a “Talking Between Worlds” Séance Gathering with Janet Reynolds & Blue Feather in the Comfort of Your Own Home
You’ve seen John Edward and Sylvia Browne on TV relaying messages from the spirit world to people sitting right there in the audience.
When you hear that catch in the throat and see the eyes well up with tears, you know for certain that the person receiving the message recognizes exactly who is speaking to them through John and Sylvia.
If you have ever wished to have the same kind of conversation yourself with a departed loved one, but don’t want to travel all the way to a New York TV studio, you now have the opportunity to hold a séance gathering in your own home, at a time that is convenient for you right here in Tampa Bay, Florida.
Janet Reynolds is a certified spirit medium who is well-known for her successful séance gatherings. She has a special gift for connecting with members of the spirit world who have information to communicate to the people in attendance at her sessions.
Working with her Spirit Guide Blue Feather, Janet’s specialty is imparting “practical channeled guidance” to séance participants – information you can use right now. In Janet’s “Talking Between Worlds” séance gatherings, members receive in-depth spirit messages that can include:

  • Inspirational guidance
  • Practical information for resolving problems
  • Instructions on how the departed person wishes certain things handled
  • Peace of mind and closure

You can schedule a “Talking Between Worlds” séance gathering in your home for 6 – 10 participants, each of whom will receive a personal message from the spirit world.
This unique service is offered in the Tampa Bay, Florida area at an affordable fee of $35-$40 per participant. As host or hostess, you will receive 10% of the proceeds as a thank you gift for arranging and scheduling the séance gathering. You may invite family, friends, co-workers… people you know who would be open to receiving guidance from the spirit realms.
A séance typically lasts from 2 to 2 1⁄2 hours, depending on the number of participants, and may be scheduled during the daytime, as well as evenings and weekends.
To learn more about hosting a “Talking Between Worlds” séance gathering in your home, please call Janet Reynolds at (813) 814-1601 or email

Janet, Blue Feather and Friends

PS: Here’s what Sherry Stiver, owner of the Purple Moon Coffee House says of Janet’s work:

Janet Reynolds has worked with us at Purple Moon as a reader for many years. We have found Janet’ s readings delivered with the highest of integrity and coming from a place of light and love. She has also worked as a medium in a session called “Talking Between Worlds” which she holds monthly at our store and it is always filled to capacity.