One of my habits that can be either good or bad is picking up and putting everything back in place or away. By that I mean when I use for example a screwdriver as soon as I finish I put it away.

When I have parties here at the house I am always behind everyone serving drinks, dumping ashtrays and cleaning up food. This is not always good because I don’t relax. I want everyone to enjoy but I don’t. I don’t because I’m too busy cleaning up and putting things back.

I had a good friend of mine tell me that if he were married to me and if he got up to go to the bathroom he just knew I would have the bed made by the time he got back. This was funny at the time but it gave me something to think about.

I now try to sit more when we party, even though I always talked to every one and entertained I was always on the move. By sitting more I enjoy more, then I relax and cleaning up isn’t so important.