Second Son Milestone

I think back about my life sometimes too much… and realize that the years have been going faster than I wanted them to.

I had been married almost two years, with a young son just under a year old. My husband worked as a pile driver in theWashington,D.C.area and I was a data entry operator inLanham,Maryland. We had lived in the Kent Village Apartments for over a year and were now looking for a new home.

I was driving around in an area I liked that was not too far from the apartments when I spotted a two bedroom home under construction. There were six of them altogether and they all had nice front yards and full back yards which would be ideal for kids. The front of the house was a half brick look which I really liked because it was a little different. I wrote down the phone number so I could Read More

Queentown Apts (I just knew)

I am on my way to the shopping center in Queenstown. I am twelve years old and in no great hurry to get there. The little town where I live is called Brentwood, in Hyattsville County, Maryland. It’s a small community of hard-working middle class people who maintain their homes and live quietly. I live with my aunt – my late mother’s sister – who finally married and now has a Read More

New Year’s Eve in Venice – 2002

I spent Christmas in Rome the year 2001 to bring in 2002 with my daughter and her was then fiancée. It was a terrific time for me it really was. We went to Venice two days before New Year’s Day. It is a beautiful, old, dirty city. Yes, it was dirty, but you either love it or dislike it. I loved it. It is old and full of stories. Love stories. Well on New Year’s Day we strolled around took naps and enjoyed. When it was time we Read More

AAA – Angels All Around

Janet Reynolds
Janet Reynolds

I was happily listening to an audio tape while driving to work recently when suddenly I heard an unexpected “pop.” I must have driven over something, as it made a loud noise. I turned the audio down to listen for any other indication of trouble. A truck was passing by, so I figured that was where the noise had come from. But as the truck passed, the noise remained and it was then I realized Read More