Janet at the Villages

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Jul 142013

Janet will be at The Villages this Thursday at the Parapsych Club from 2:oopm to 4:00pm.  She will be on a panel with Bobbie Roberts and the subject will be Intuitive Knowledge or Mediumship.

New Beginning Oneness Center April 7 2013

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Apr 012013

Janet will be at the New Beginning Oneness Center April 7, 2013 at 10:30am giving a talk on Mediumship and Meditation.

The New Beginning Oneness Center is located at

The New Beginnings Oneness Center
4004 Bonita Rd
Holiday, FL 34691

For more information, call 727.425.3600 Continue reading »

The Maitland

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Jul 232012

I can see the picture clearly in my mind’s eye, because I remember it so well, even this many years later. I am outside of the home where I was raised. The day is really clear and I am every bit of eight or nine years old.
I had taken chalk and drawn squares to play hopscotch by myself. My neighborhood friends were Continue reading »

How Meditation Plays a Big Part in Being a Medium

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Feb 282011

A medium – a person connected intimately to the spiritual world who communicates with spirits in the beyond – has at his or her disposal a wide variety of skills and techniques that can be described as nothing short of amazing.  All of these skills depend heavily on the ability of the medium to focus, concentrate, and channel the spiritual energies that surround the medium and harness them for communication.  One of the ways a medium accomplishes this mindset – and a very important tool for a medium – is meditation. 

What is meditation? Many people, if asked, would say they know what meditation is – and would describe it as something you have to do while sitting in an awkward yoga pose.  Meditation, at its core, is something simpler than that.  All meditation is, after all, is focusing deeply and intently on clearing your mind and putting it at ease.  Some people, when they meditate, clear their minds completely and do not think about anything.  Others focus on one thought or topic.  Both ways train the mind to reach a heightened state of focus so that it can then do something incredible: talk to the dead.

A medium, as mentioned, specializes in communicating with spirits.  This requires an enormous amount of concentration on and connection with the spiritual world.  Without this connection, a link with the spirits cannot be made. Therefore, meditation plays a major role in what a medium does.  Without regular, intensive meditation, a medium will not possess the ability to focus on communicating with a spirit and relaying messages from the other side.

In summary, meditation is a tool that is used by mediums to hone their mind and sharpen their focus, so that they can more effectively bridge the gap between this world and the next and communicate.