Power of Self-Love

Power of Self-Love. We all have that power. Self-Love is loving oneself. I feel also that how you treat others is part of how you treat yourself. How well do you love yourself? How strong is your will? What is and where is your power? I feel if you have high self-esteem that you have self love. I feel I have high self-esteem for myself in most areas. But of course there is one or two I am definitely lacking. Fears, I feel brings in low self-esteem. You need to confront your fears to build up your self-esteem in order to love yourself better. I would like to read you something from a book that I have called “Meditations for Women Who Do To Much” by Anne Wilson Schaef. When a woman believes that she is equal, she is called uppity. When we stand up for what we know and for what we believe, we are called aggressive and unfeminine. When we state that women are wonderful and that we are proud to be a woman, we are told that we are antimale.

When we put forth our perceptions, we are told that we don’t understand reality. When we put forth our values, we are told that we are crazy and we just don’t understand the way the world works. Is it any wonder that we sometimes have trouble with self-esteem?

I feel that this is a very special paragraph and that it says a lot for all of us. I would like for all of you to think about how you are and what you are. Quite a few of us have raised children on our own, ran businesses on our own and have held jobs down with a lot of responsibility.  I would like for all of you to be quite proud of yourself. No one told us it was going to be easy.  Move with as much ease as you possibly can and use the Power that you have. That is the Power of  Self-Love.