AAA – Angels All Around

Janet Reynolds
Janet Reynolds

I was happily listening to an audio tape while driving to work recently when suddenly I heard an unexpected “pop.” I must have driven over something, as it made a loud noise. I turned the audio down to listen for any other indication of trouble. A truck was passing by, so I figured that was where the noise had come from. But as the truck passed, the noise remained and it was then I realized it was coming from my own car. I thought, “Oh no, the tire is going flat!”

Thankfully, I was approaching a CITGO gas station up ahead and drove in. When I got out of my car, I saw two men standing outside talking. They walked over and joined me in examining my right rear tire. It was cut up quite badly; luckily I had stopped before the rim was damaged. As I knew from past experience, tires can be quite an expense to replace, never mind rims and wheels.

I started calling AAA for their roadside assistance. I was worried I might be late for work, because I had a 12:15 PM appointment scheduled and it was already 11:30 AM. And AAA couldn’t guarantee how quickly they could arrive on the scene.

Then in the background I could hear a voice saying, “Ma’am, I can change that tire for you.” The three of us turned around to see a man on a bicycle pedaling toward us. With a backpack, shaggy beard and limited teeth, his “homeless” appearance led me to wonder how he could be of any help. Yet I looked at him for a moment and then heard myself saying, “Thank you; that would be great.”

I was willing to pay anyone to do it. The guys beside me let this fellow know that he would be compensated. He said that I didn’t need to pay him, but it would be appreciated nonetheless. He explained that he had worked for a tire company in Michigan and one of the gentlemen asked him from which city. Coincidentally, it was the same city he was from. Apparently, they lived down the street from each another as kids and had worked in the same area. Coincidences indeed!

While I normally never carry cash, I found a twenty dollar bill in my purse and decided to tip the bicyclist for his troubles. Just then one of the gentlemen interrupted and stated, “I will take care of this for you, because it isn’t often I see this type of kindness in   a day.” I offered to add to it, but he said no and handed the bicycle man a twenty dollar bill. I then shook the hand of the bicyclist and thanked him and the other gentlemen.

As I drove off to make my appointment on time, I was convinced that our meeting did not take place by chance. What a blessing it was to have met those three gentlemen, who not only helped me physically, financially and emotionally, but also on a deeper, level spiritually.

It reminded me of how angels and guides are constantly around us, working with us, guiding us, and helping us even in the most mundane ways. We need only recognize them, connect with them, and then thank them for all that they do for us. What blessings we find when we simply make a more caring connection with others, regardless of their physical appearance and status.

I never really needed AAA because of my very firm belief that if I ever required a rescue, I’d have Angels All Around. And so it was.