Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind, What it means to me and how I achieve it.

I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it.  I want to have lived the width of it as well. – Diane Ackerman

I have come a long way in my many years of life and I would like to think that in the last few years I have grown enough to detach from a lot of what goes on around me.

I have prayed two years straight in order to detach from, and to use discernment in many situations. Situations to where my emotions get involved to where I could not say what I felt. When I can express my feelings and say what I feel then I have Peace of Mind.

Jan Rey is a good example of detachment. I have detached from her in order for her to sell. This is not saying I do not have emotions, this is just saying I do not take things as personal.

Kuthumi The Assented Master who is a highly evolved Soul working for God, that came to Earth to serve humanity, and is an illuminated being of Light who has incarnated on Earth not only for his own spiritual growth, but also in service to humanity. In one of his chapters on the Law of Detachment he says, “In the days and years to come, many Light workers will advance to the Fifth Dimension where they will want to permanently reside. In addition, many will journey into this higher realm, but stay only momentarily, for their vibration levels will not be able to sustain the higher frequencies that will be required for permanent residency on this higher plane of existence. One reason for this is because these candidates for higher office will not have mastered The Law of Detachment. This Law is one of the most important laws on this higher realm. Therefore, It is deemed critical that an understanding of this law be revealed now.”

I do not mean to confuse the situation or the question on Peace of Mind I only want to express how I am doing everything possible not to let the day to day challenges surrounding me to where I do not have that Peace of Mind.

With Circle I feel I do the same thing. All my feelings and emotions go into any and all things that I do and I try to detach from the outcome. I understand my issues come up and also that I can be an instrument to issues of others.

I say and do what I feel is best and then I detach or as we can say acquire Peace of Mind.