New Year’s Eve in Venice – 2002

I spent Christmas in Rome the year 2001 to bring in 2002 with my daughter and her was then fiancée. It was a terrific time for me it really was. We went to Venice two days before New Year’s Day. It is a beautiful, old, dirty city. Yes, it was dirty, but you either love it or dislike it. I loved it. It is old and full of stories. Love stories. Well on New Year’s Day we strolled around took naps and enjoyed. When it was time we went to dinner and then got some champagne and headed for St. Marks Square where the New Year’s Celebration was going to be. I was standing there watching everyone when this young man came over to me and handed me a yellow rose. I was surprised. We started a conversation and I thought he was really nice. I introduced him to Maiteland and Robbie and we all chatted. His friends came over and it was a few minutes before twelve, we were laughing, and enjoying. Robbie opened the champagne, fireworks were going off, music could be heard, people were making all kinds of noise and it was awesome. We took pictures, laughed and I really enjoyed. Well at the strike of twelve this young man took me in his arms and kissed me. I could not believe it. I was going to move away but I didn’t. I enjoyed my New Year’s Eve with a perfect stranger and his friends. It was 15 minutes of something I never had before and in was in Venice. It was beautiful. I still smile when I think about it. It was a very happy moment for me. If you could see the pictures you would have thought we were friends for a long time, maybe even lovers. Made me wonder about a past life maybe. Who knows? I just know it was really special, I will never forget it, and I enjoyed.