Change or transition is a good word.

I am going through so many changes that I don’t know if I am the instrument for the change or the lesson. I have been working with a trainer at the gym for almost a year and wouldn’t you know I got comfortable and I enjoyed him. We worked out hard together.

I liked Gerald a lot. I paid him every two weeks and when I wasn’t there I did not pay. If I missed a day or he missed a day he and I worked it out and we rotated how ever.

Well he is gone.

Talk about a change, I was dumb struck.

There is new ownership and they are making a lot of changes at the gym and it does not look good to me. I had six days owed to me by Gerald and the gym did honor that. There was to be an increase in the cost of the trainer with a signed contract.

I got the money problem resolved but they are still insisting on me signing a contract.

Well I had to stand ground Thursday and I ended up walking out.

This is not the only incident or change in my life, there are several and they are frustrating, and very upsetting. What I am learning is to walk my talk and stand ground. I also feel patience is part of it because I have to play the part out before I make a decision.