The Blue Feather Interviews – Practical Guidance From the Spirit World: Planetary Health – Part Two

On June 19th 2009 a groups of us had a second interview with Blue Feather on the future of Planet Earth. This is the second series of channeled writings offering “Practical Guidance from the Spirit World for the chaotic times ahead. One of his topics was “pay attention to the airplanes”.  There is a great possibility that they are not being maintained as they should be. With time moving as fast as it does and people moving just as fast much is being over looked. With flying schedules needing to be met and people’s demands exceeding those time frames errors are being made. The demands are not just from ones who want or need to fly they are also coming from the heads of operations. Expenses are increasing at a high rate which in return results too many cut backs in all areas. Profit is the bottom line with organizations but should not be at the risk of peoples lives.  Much has happened since I channeled Blue Feather in regards with air planes crashing or landing because of incidences while in the air. We are being asked to create awareness to the many issues that are being shown to us through negligence and mishap.

One other topic that was being discussed is the rain forests and how there is much neglect in that area. The rainforest is disappearing and Mother Earth and spirit are quite upset about this. Blue Feather is saying to “take heed regarding the rain forest” for it has become a crippling area.

Once more there is much underhanded work going on around us. Many organizations are working to help but more help is needed. Don’t you often wonder why so much is going on and what it is that we can do to correct it? Inquire within to see where your efforts can be most helpful. Form groups, create partitions, talk, because strength can be gained by many who are willing to speak up. When speaking up always do this in a peace full manner meaning that violence is not the answer.

Yes, there is much stress and financially all of us are being forced to budget but not only that we are being made to stand back and look at the whole picture. Do we really need all the materialistic objects that are presented to us? Do we need to keep up with our neighbors? Simplicity is one of the words that Blue Feathers gives to me for many. He is saying to keep it simple. Do everything in your power to maintain a positive view and move away from the fear that is binding or holding you back. He says it is how we think it and that is what will create it. Prayer is a great factor that should be used in our life and to be grateful for what we have is another. Say THANK YOU every now and then and see how our world can change.

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