My Will and My Self-Esteem

Having been tired of my life and the way it was going in Washington, D.C. I left there and came to Tampa, Florida. Here 23 years I have grown leaps and bounds. It took a lot of courage to leave my hometown and come to Florida but I did it and I have never been sorry. I have created and developed in so many ways since 1981 that it is hard to realize that so much time has gone by so fast. I swore when I came here that no one would ever interfere with my life or my daughters. I have stuck to that promise and the life that I have experienced from that one decision has been exciting and very rewarding. Rewarding to where I raised my daughter, built a business, and grew in spirituality. I can honestly say that I have loved every up and down moment that it has presented to me. My choices might not have been the best or the easiest but they have taught me everything that I know today. I have learned that no decision is wrong that we do what we have to at the time. I also have learned that we contracted with God to experience our life. I’m sure there is more for me to learn and I quite sure that my self-esteem will indeed go through more lessons, but I am ok with all of that. I’m quite grateful for what I have and I hope to continue on my journey with more love and ease then the past.