Celestial Circle Readings December 2014

celestial circle logoJanet is going to be in Palm Harbor on the following days:

December 2, 2014 10am – 2pm

December 16, 2014 10am – 2pm

December 19, 2014 10am – 4pm

Call 727.785.1960 for appointment or just stop in.

Celestial Circle is a cool little New Age shop in beautiful downtown Palm Harbor. This shop offers gifts, books, intuitive counselors, classes, and is right by the Witch’s Brew, a wonderful coffee shop.

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Sun City Metaphysical Society, EXPO 01.12.13

Janet will be offering intuitive counseling at the Sun City Metaphysical Society Expo on January 12, 2013. Readings will be 15 minutes for $15.

The expo will be chock full of speaker, vendors, readers, healers, mediums, and lots more.  This will be a wonderful day for everything metaphysical!

Start the new year off right – come have fun at the expo!

January 12, 2013 10:00am – 5:00pm
Sun City Metaphysical Society Expo
Sun City Center Community Hall
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Sermon – Intuitive Counseling

I am a Certified Spirit Medium and ordained minister with a private practice in Tampa, Florida. I was ordained as a minister through Harmony Church in Tampa and currently serves at People’s Spiritualist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am publishing many of my sermons online as they may both benefit you, and illustrate additional spiritual services that I can provide to you at weddings or other gatherings.

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in multitude of counselors there is Read More

Sermon – Intuitive Counsel

I am a Certified Spirit Medium and ordained minister with a private practice in Tampa, Florida. I was ordained as a minister through Harmony Church in Tampa and currently serves at People’s Spiritualist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am publishing many of my sermons online as they may both benefit you, and illustrate additional spiritual services that I can provide to you at weddings or other gatherings.

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in multitude of counselors there is safety. That is from Proverbs Chapter 11 verse 14:

I felt that this verse has to do with intuitive counseling and the giving of psychic messages. The messages that are given to us through a spirit medium I feel are quite important. The medium is acting as an intuitive counselor and is using the God force that is within to help and guide many people. Is there a meaningful purpose behind the voicing of a psychic message? Or, is it something interesting or amusing? I would like to think there is a meaningful purpose. Did Jesus not give psychic messages? Was he not one of the greatest psychics on this earth?

I have been in spiritual development for 24 years and have been giving Intuitive counseling or psychic messages for ten of those years. I take my counseling very seriously and pray that what I have to say to individuals with the help of my spirit guide Blue Feather is of truth.  I also know that what is spoken or said is quite important to that person and when they leave there is a feeling of hope and renewed energy. I would like to give you an example of that. I know a young man that is very special to me and knows of my psychic abilities that asked me a question one-day. He had his son with him that particular summer and his ex-wife had told him they were going to move to Tampa before school started. He was quite excited about this so he was helping with the moving plans and doing whatever possible. Out of the blue his ex-wife changed her mind and said she was not going to move. He was devastated and did not know what to do. So he came to me and said, Janet is my family moving here? Please ask your spirit guide and as he was talking he held onto my arm as a connection so that I could feel his energy. Do you know what that did to me? Do you realize how important his question was? I did. I quietly spoke to Blue Feather and his answer to me was that she was going to move here and that it was an anxiety attack. He said to tell my friend to be gently persuasive and that it would work out. I did exactly that. As I was driving down the road I spoke to Blue Feather and told him I hoped he knew what he was talking about because what we just did for that person was going to be a heavy impact on his life. It’s not that I did not believe my psychic or Blue Feather (maybe there was some doubt) it’s just that it was a loaded question and I knew the answer was of great importance. Well, two days later my friend let me know his son and ex-wife were moving here and he was quite thankful for my message. I let out a sigh of relief. Do you see why I take it all so seriously?

We all need words of encouragement and when we get them through psychic messages they are of great value. I would like to give you one more example of an important message that was given to me. My daughter, who lived in England, called me a few weeks ago to give me a message and she said it was from my Mother. I said really. She loves to give messages to my daughter but to give me one through her was quite unusual. She told my daughter I was very angry and I needed to straighten up and become more grounded. I had to give this a lot of thought because I did not realize how angry I was but I do know that when things are tough I have the capability of going to another dimension in order to cope with this one. After much though I gave in and agreed to what was told to me and thanked my Mother for that message even if I did not like it. That message put a lot of things in perspective for me. One being I needed to face what made me angry not go to my other dimension to ignore it.

How many times have you been given a message from the other side through a medium and did not like it. Hopefully you did as I and gave them the benefit of the doubt.

What I am trying to do today is bring an understanding to the giving of messages from spirit mediums and psychic readers. How we give and receive those messages is very important. To let you know that all psychic talent is a “Gift of God” and we are the ones that have to enhance or bring it about. Try to realize that we profit from it spiritually, by helping others, and by putting it to good use.

In Proverbs chapter 15 verse 22 it says: Plans fail when there is no counsel, but they succeed when counselors are many.

I would like for you to know I am quite grateful for the fact that I have psychic abilities and can give messages and counseling to other individuals. Especially if those messages are well received and appreciated. Please know I am even more grateful that I can accept messages and counseling from others who have my interest at heart.

Everyone Has Psychic Powers! What They Are and Where They Are From

Do you have psychic powers? If you think the answer is no…

Think again.

The truth is, everyone has psychic powers.  Believe it or not, every human has within him or her the ability to use psychic energy and take advantage of psychic energy for creative purposes.  Even children have these abilities.  The problem is that we don’t realize that we possess this potential – and therefore, it never gets used by most of us.

Before we explore that, though, let’s talk about what this psychic energy is and where it comes from – so you can understand the hidden potential you possess.

What are Psychic Powers?

When most people hear the phrase “psychic power,” they tend to envision some magical force found in movies and comic books.  You know: People flying through the air, lifting heavy objects with their minds, etc.

The truth is that psychic powers are more nuanced and varied.  (This is why we frequently do not know we have them.)

For example, have you ever felt like you have an innate knowledge of something – a natural grasp of something that you just couldn’t explain? Maybe you seem to just know how someone is feeling without talking to them.  Or perhaps you can locate hidden objects with ease, or sense the presence of other beings.

There are a variety of psychic powers that depend on the innate spiritual power of a human being, and all of them can be harnessed and wielded by their owners – if the owners are aware of them, of course! But what is the origin of these powers?

The Power Within

The origin of psychic powers in a human being rests in one mysterious yet powerful concept.

The human soul.

Humans are spiritual beings. We possess great amounts of spiritual energy within our bodies and souls, the energy that forms a common bond between all living things.  Our souls are the centers of our presence here in the universe, and it is the soul that gives us our psychic potential.

Of course, taking advantage of psychic potential means you have to first acknowledge it.  But, you also have to put yourself in the right mindset so you can achieve the power within you.

The first step is to be positive. Positive attracts positive; if you want positive results, you have to have the right attitude.  You will never achieve your full potential – psychic or otherwise – if you are not positive.

The next step is to relax and focus on who you are.  Focus on what makes you, you.  Try to eliminate stress in your life as much as possible.  Stress interferes with psychic channeling and denies you the ability to use your gift.

The more you focus on your abilities and pay attention to yourself and your soul, the more likely you are to identify your innate talent and learn how to start using it.

Throughout the process, though, remember that you, as a child of the universe, are a spiritual being and have spiritual capabilities within you.  Hold on to that thought.  Take hold of your capacity and capability, and focus on the positive.  You have psychic powers; now you just learn how to use them!

Medium and Psychic: What are the Differences?

Many are unaware of the true different between a medium and a psychic. Frequently, people assume psychics are mediums and vice versa; however, despite this common belief, these two words are not interchangeable. Throughout this article, we will briefly examine the difference between these two terms and talk about what each one means.

We will start by addressing the term that’s familiar with most people—psychic. The term “psychic” refers to the ability to sense and perceive things that others are unable to detect. Psychics have extrasensory perception, also known as ESP.  This extrasensory perception is often referred to as the sixth sense—an addition to hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling. Therefore, psychics have the sixth sense that others lack, giving them an ability to perceive things outside of a normal person’s ability. Psychics use this extra sensory perception ability in a variety of skills, techniques, and practices, including foretelling the future.

On the other hand, a medium specifically refers to a person that communicates with those that are no longer living—the dead. These individuals communicate with spirits in the afterlife. The term “medium” comes from the person’s ability to foster communication between the spirits and the living. Spirits can refer to the deceased, angels, and even demons. Furthermore, there are some instances in which the spirit is given permission to take over and speak or write through the body of the medium.

Psychics and mediums are similar in that they both function in an altered state and feature abilities that involve the supernatural aspect of the human mind and spirit. Furthermore, both have an extra sense that allows them to go beyond normal functioning. However, despite these similarities these two words are not interchangeable and refer to two different areas and occupations.