Everyone Has Psychic Powers! What They Are and Where They Are From

Do you have psychic powers? If you think the answer is no…

Think again.

The truth is, everyone has psychic powers.  Believe it or not, every human has within him or her the ability to use psychic energy and take advantage of psychic energy for creative purposes.  Even children have these abilities.  The problem is that we don’t realize that we possess this potential – and therefore, it never gets used by most of us.

Before we explore that, though, let’s talk about what this psychic energy is and where it comes from – so you can understand the hidden potential you possess.

What are Psychic Powers?

When most people hear the phrase “psychic power,” they tend to envision some magical force found in movies and comic books.  You know: People flying through the air, lifting heavy objects with their minds, etc.

The truth is that psychic powers are more nuanced and varied.  (This is why we frequently do not know we have them.)

For example, have you ever felt like you have an innate knowledge of something – a natural grasp of something that you just couldn’t explain? Maybe you seem to just know how someone is feeling without talking to them.  Or perhaps you can locate hidden objects with ease, or sense the presence of other beings.

There are a variety of psychic powers that depend on the innate spiritual power of a human being, and all of them can be harnessed and wielded by their owners – if the owners are aware of them, of course! But what is the origin of these powers?

The Power Within

The origin of psychic powers in a human being rests in one mysterious yet powerful concept.

The human soul.

Humans are spiritual beings. We possess great amounts of spiritual energy within our bodies and souls, the energy that forms a common bond between all living things.  Our souls are the centers of our presence here in the universe, and it is the soul that gives us our psychic potential.

Of course, taking advantage of psychic potential means you have to first acknowledge it.  But, you also have to put yourself in the right mindset so you can achieve the power within you.

The first step is to be positive. Positive attracts positive; if you want positive results, you have to have the right attitude.  You will never achieve your full potential – psychic or otherwise – if you are not positive.

The next step is to relax and focus on who you are.  Focus on what makes you, you.  Try to eliminate stress in your life as much as possible.  Stress interferes with psychic channeling and denies you the ability to use your gift.

The more you focus on your abilities and pay attention to yourself and your soul, the more likely you are to identify your innate talent and learn how to start using it.

Throughout the process, though, remember that you, as a child of the universe, are a spiritual being and have spiritual capabilities within you.  Hold on to that thought.  Take hold of your capacity and capability, and focus on the positive.  You have psychic powers; now you just learn how to use them!