Reflecting on Positive Growing Pains

When I moved here to Florida I registered my daughter to the Academy of Holy Names, which was a 40-minute drive from our home. Every day of my life I would get up and drive that child to school at 7:00 am and then I would have to pick her up at 5pm. I was able to leave her in the after school program so I didn’t pick her up time 4:30 or 5:00. I would have to leave work everyday in time to get her, take her home, and then I would have to go back to work. This went on for quite a while because I was building a business and I could not afford to put her on a school bus.  It’s not that I minded taking her, after all she was my child but it sure got to be a pain. So when Maiteland was in the 6th grade I inquired about the school bus just bring her home in the afternoon. I was told it would cost me $950 one way. There were two good things about this. One being it dropped her off at the end of our street and second Kathryn; my live in at the time could walk down and meet her. I was ecstatic. I could afford that and she would be safe. I was so grateful for not having to pick her up in the afternoon. I loved it. My daughter didn’t like it because she loved having me right next to her all the time. When she was 16 I bought her a car and was able to afford the car payments, which was another thing that I cheered about. She did not like that either. She is the only child I know that did not want to drive. This took most of the responsibility off of me and I was ever so grateful.