Ever Experience a Crystal Healing Bed?


Have you ever experienced a crystal healing bed? Do you even know what one is?

A crystal bed is not set up as a bed of nails.  It is a configuration of 7 vogel quartz crystals, each suspended about a foot above each the person’s chakras.  Then, each crystal has a color that is sent through it, and the color enters the chakra and does wondrous things.

You know the colors of the rainbow, right?  Well, it just so happens that the colors of the chakras are arranged in the same order, starting with violet at the top of the head and red ending at the tailbone. The colors inbetween are spread out with several inches inbetween, and that’s where the chakras are.  At least, the major 7 chakras.

The light can be sent as a steady stream or in a pattern.  Depending upon the programming of the light emission, the light can charge, clean, or balance the chakras, depending upon what the person desires.

As the person lies on a massage table under the lights, it’s as if he’s taking a shower under some wonderful, energetic light!

So, what’s a vogel crystal, and why does it make this crystal bed so powerful?

Well, it’s all about the angle of cut. Marcel Joseph Vogel, a scientist and occult student, designed the vogel cut, which is done at 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 51 seconds, the same angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza. This precise cut creates a very clean concentration of energy and opens up vortexes, like the ones in the Great Pyramid.

Clear crystal is also a very good energy transmitter; that’s why they are used in watches and radios. And being clear, they will also transmit color through them quite nicely.  After all, color is another form of energy frequency.


Guess who has one of these crystal healing beds!  Well, First Unity in St. Petersburg, FL does!

If you’d like to experience what this bed is like, you can call Wings Bookstore at 727.522.6657 to set an appointment, or you can set an appointment after Sunday services by visiting the Welcome Center in the Administration Lobby.

Here’s the address:

Wings Bookstore
4500 4th St North
St Petersburg, FL

Church is held at

First Unity
460 46th Av N
St Petersburg, FL

If you have a chance, you should go check it out!