Recurring Dreams

Each night when you go to sleep you enter rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and have dreams. Sometimes you can remember theses dreams and other times you wake up unaware of a single dream you had throughout the night. Sometimes you can have the same dream multiple times over a course of several weeks, months, or years. For example, do you frequently dream that you are being chased? Or, do you have dreams about losing your teeth? These dreams are known as recurring dreams and are incredibly common. However, most people are unaware of the significance associated with recurring dreams—your dreams have meaning and can provide great insight into your life.

Common Recurring Dreams

            Recurring dreams can vary depending upon the person. However, there are some common themes in recurring dreams among various people. Many people dream of being trapped or being chased. Some people are always trapped in the same scenario, while others may experience dreams in which they are trapped in various places. In the same sense, being lost or unprepared is another very common theme for reoccurring dreams. You can get lost on your way to an important meeting or be unprepared for an important presentation. Other common themes include searching for the bathroom, flying, and losing teeth. Regardless of the specific dream, a recurring dream is something that deserves your attention.

What Recurring Dreams Mean

            When a person has reoccurring dreams, your “inner self” is attempting to communicate with your “outer self.” Put another way, you receive a message and the dream continues to occur because you are not attending to the concern or need. These dreams often indicate an uncertainty, fear, or an unresolved conflict or issue. If a dream occurs several times, your unconsciousness is desperately trying to draw your attention to the problem at hand. The only way to eliminate the reoccurrence is to spend time analyzing the dream and settling the conflict at hand.

Changing Recurring Dreams

            An incredible thing about recurring dreams is how minor parts of the dream frequently change. For example, if you often have dreams of being trapped, the area in which you are trapped or the item that is trapping you will often change. This is your subconscious attempting to relay the message in a variety of ways. Therefore, the details of your dream may provide great insight into the unresolved conflict or issue you need to become consciously aware of.

            In conclusion, recurring dreams are very common and often carry very important messages that you need to address. By analyzing your recurring dreams and addressing the problem or conflict, you will be able to grow as a person and remove the recurring dream from your life.