Insight with MaryLou Houllis March 5, 2013

video intro image for MaryLou Houllis show

Janet’s guest on the March 5, 2013, show of Insight will be MaryLou Houllis, and the topic with be the Mayan calendar, among other things.

MaryLou Houllis is blazing a new path as a modern-day spiritual messenger – and pioneer of an emerging new humanity.

Her words continue to shift to higher dimensions from the old paradigms and teachings of Christian doctrines such as condemnation, sin, separation, and the very nature of God.

Read MaryLou’s full bio on the New Beginning Oneness Center site.

What does MaryLou have to say about the Mayan calendar, and how does it pertain to what’s happening now?  Why not call during the show on Tuesday at 1:30pm?  The number is (727) 597-4022.