Insight with Dorothy Roby Jan 22, 2013

Insight Radio Show Jan 22 2013

This week’s show will be on the subject of Health and Weight Loss.  The guest will be Dorothy Roby.

Dorothy Roby is a nationally certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and an independent distributor for Shaklee, the number one natural nutrition company in the United States.

Her mission is to help people make healthy living a normal part of their life through awareness and by implementing alternatives that will improve their body and mind. She represents Shaklee because they share her commitment to the benefits of natural products.

The journey that brought Dorothy to health and wellness is one that drastically changed and ultimately improved her life.

Originally from St. Louis, Dorothy worked for over 15 years as an operations manager in the filtration industry. While she was always interested in a career in the fitness industry, Dorothy continued with her job in the demanding automotive industry. She and her husband worked side by side and grew the business revenues from $280K into a $4.2 million operation. But the price of that success was high and it took a toll on Dorothy’s health. The stress of their occupations finally motivated them to move to Palm Harbor, Florida.

In the ensuing years, Dorothy battled breast cancer brought on by HRT treatments that had been medically prescribed. Upon her recovery she made the decision that she wanted to help people live a healthier life. But fate interceded and dealt her a debilitating menopause and a chronic chemical imbalance that subjected her to countless physicians and medical tests that provided no answers. Her doctors determined that her only alternative was prescription medications and to learn to live with acute muscle fatigue, insomnia, and a host of ailments that deeply affected her quality of life.

After a period of time had passed without any real improvement, Dorothy decided to take control of her own health. On the advice of her personal training partner, she started with one of the Shaklee products; the results were life changing in a very short time. Dorothy then began learning more and more about the benefits of naturopathic choices and the facts about a chemical free and active life. As a
result of learning about these alternatives, Dorothy is no longer on any medications…and feels fantastic!

By transforming both the internal and external imbalances in her life, Dorothy ultimately rescued herself from the effects of stress, poor nutrition, obesity, and a sedentary lifestyle. This transformation became a passion to pursue health, wellness, and happiness and has enabled her to help others to make those same changes in their lives. She became an independent distributor for Shaklee and continues to develop personal training programs that conform to individual goals and fitness levels.

Today Dorothy Roby is living testimony to optimum vitality and energy levels and how tolerance for anything less is not an option.

So call in with your questions – 727.597.4022.  This should be a wonderful show.  Remember to tune in on Tuesday at 1:30pm on the Spirit Pioneers radio network.