Insight John Springer Jan 29 2012

Insight with John Springer Jan 29 2013

Join Janet and Blue Feather on her January 29, 2013 edition of Insight.  Her special guest will be John Springer, and the subject will be Fairies and Mother Nature.

John Springer, Visionary Director of the Fairy and Earth (F.A.E.) Festival, has always been involved in organizing spiritual events, efforts, and groups.

He is a motivator bringing a lot of love and light everywhere goes.  John is currently involved in organizing nature walks, organizing Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and youth groups. He takes all types of groups on nature walks and teaching them about different aspects of nature, both the seen and the unseen. He works with a lot of organizations, such as county and state organizations, as well as charitable organizations.  He brings quite a lot of experience to our discussion.

This should be a wonderful show.  Remember to tune in on Tuesday at 1:30pm on the Spirit Pioneers radio network.