Family Milestone

It has been over five hours since I leftSpain. At first I was quite calm, but things have changed dramatically. I am aboard the second plane toMiamiand then a third plane will take me home toTampa. Traveling has been a grueling experience for me today starting with my run throughMadridAirportinSpainto catch the plane that would start my journey home.

No time for emotions… just concentrate on making the airplane on time. I stored my thoughts or, we could say suppressed my thoughts, which equaled the emotions bubbling just below the surface. Lunch was served and I chose a glass of red wine. As I ate my food and drank my wine the tears began to flow freely, as they are doing again, now. I am trying hard not to let it happen, but it’s all catching up with me. I just left half my family inMalaga,Spain.

My daughter Maiteland lives there with her husband, Gary, my grandson Joshua and now a new granddaughter, Bella Rose. My younger son, Christopher, who is very close to his sister, chose to be there for his niece’s birth, so we were family again for a few days.

I had been there inMalagafor over two weeks helping my daughter, reconnecting with Joshua and bonding with my new granddaughter “Bella.” Joshua is having difficulty adjusting to a new sister and is showing a side of him I hadn’t seen before. I know his “nose has been cut off,” which is an old expression but all of us are trying to work with him and his emotions. Patience is a needed factor here for sure. He strives hard to gain our attention and is like a small train that never stops. Conversation is something that he is very good with so he talks to us constantly because that is his personality and he wants us to listen to just him, not Bella.

I’m really happy to have been inSpainwhen both my grandchildren were born. To help my daughter is good for me because I know she appreciates what I do. To have had my son, Christopher, there both times and for all of us to be together was a true blessing. My son-in-law enjoyed the camaraderie of our family gathering and it was a joy to watch him with both children. I could see the love in his eyes and just knew that it was real. Plus he is one of those “helpful” husbands and dads who shares in the fun and the work of raising a family. I’m grateful for that because my daughter’s welfare is important to me.

Well my tears have stopped and I’m sure writing has helped. I know I will go back toSpainand I look forward to that. I make it a point to go in October for Joshua’s birthday, so I guess May will now happen for Bella’s. For now I need to go back to the humdrum of my life but I am okay with that. I find plenty to keep me busy and, believe me, my life is not dull.

It can be quiet at times… but it is certainly never dull.