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    1. hoping to win free reading, thank you

    2. Thanks in Advance !!!

      Blessings !!!

    3. You are the best! Thank you for everything and your insight.

    4. I would be interested in any updates on this. I was looking to see when payment needed to be made for.
      Thank you

    5. hi janet – look forward to speaking. sandra

    6. Thank you. I will give that thought

    7. It will get better before you get married. (Said when hurt)

      You are my sunshine

    8. 1) Never wear holey underwear-in case you get in an accident!
      2) Always send a nice “Thank-You” note back when you’re given a gift.
      3) Be kind to animals.

    9. 1. Trust that God will lead the way through life. Faith conquers all.

      2. Never go to bed angry, the other person may not be here when you wake.

      3. Dream of the future, don’t dwell on the past. Your mistakes are a learning tool.

    10. 1. That she will always be around me in some way. Today (May 3, 2013) would have been my mothers 90th birthday. She transcended Dec. 29, 2010. She especially likes to say hello on this day every year. This year it was through you. I don’t usually read your e-mails. Whoops!! We are never alone.
      2.She gave me the gift &taught me the importance of unconditional love. I pass this on in my recovery homes, to my daughter & grandson and to as many others as humanly possible.
      3.The two things you never want to lose. Faith in your higher power or your sense of humor!!

    11. Hi Janet its Joe I’m married to Charissa Robinson I lost my dad on easter weekend in Canada I have not spoken to him in 13 years except for a brief phone call last October asking him for his blessings he never dated or remarried but he was in love with his beer . I have not cried yet which is weird but I was never close to him due to being young when they divorced and eventually moved to Florida. All I want to know is that he is safe and happy his name is serge vallieres thank you and god bless Joe p.s. you told Charissa she would have a baby at age 42 and you’re right we are expecting.

      • Joe, I am sorry about your dad but I will say that he is doing fine. No, worries. I am happy for both of you and the baby coming. Take care. Janet

    12. Cant wait to see you on Friday!

    13. I haven’t finished viewing the whole show yet, but it is nice to hear you all speaking about this. Cheers

    14. Thanks Janet, I don’t even go through the ice cream island any more, it use to be my favorite thing to do. Now I look better because of it,

    15. Janet, has done Seances, at our store Magical Senses, in Crystal River,
      She’s is a true Medium in every sense of the word, very warm and easy to talk to,
      You will ‘Never ” be disappointed.

    16. You are the best so just let me know when you are here. We will meet up. me

    17. I would love to be apart of this.

    18. Very beautifully stated. It is part of life.

    19. This was so beautiful and thoughtful it reminded me of my grandmother who

      I called Mother. Life is not easy to explain or try and live it to its fullest. I admire

      you for living up to your convictions. What a beautiful baby by the way.

    20. Just wanted to let you know my house sold contract being signed tomorrow. I bought a home in south Florida! Blessing to you on this holy week! I will be in touch for another reading in the near future!

    21. I have been going to Janet for more than 15 years. She is the real deal. She is so loving and kind. I am usually nervous when I go for a reading because I am in a place of confusion and seeking guidance. She always puts my mind at ease and delivers spot on accurate information. She is truly a blessing with an amazing gift.

    22. Good morning, Janet! This is Ray.

      Yesterday when I opened your email I clicked on the link for the SOHO Wellness Center and read your post about the gallery. I didn’t click on the gallery link, so when the young lady at SOHO asked me for $45 for the class I was taken by surprise. The first link didn’t mention the cost; the second link did.

      I’m in debt right now. My credit cards are over due. My bank account is empty. I’m scraping by to pay my utility bills every month. If I had $45 to spare I would have stayed and spent more time with you. It was great to see you. I enjoyed our conversation on the porch, and I hope to see you again soon.