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103 South Boulevard
813.284.7045 for reservations
United States

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SOHO Wellness is the creation of mother Debbie and daughter Becky. They’ve joined energies to create a wonderful oasis for soothing the body, mind, and spirit.

Janet has agreed to offer her services here in the SOHO area of Tampa. When you need clarification on your lunch break or early afternoon, you can come see Janet to give you that quick lift.


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  •   One Response to “SOHO Wellness”

    1. Good morning, Janet! This is Ray.

      Yesterday when I opened your email I clicked on the link for the SOHO Wellness Center and read your post about the gallery. I didn’t click on the gallery link, so when the young lady at SOHO asked me for $45 for the class I was taken by surprise. The first link didn’t mention the cost; the second link did.

      I’m in debt right now. My credit cards are over due. My bank account is empty. I’m scraping by to pay my utility bills every month. If I had $45 to spare I would have stayed and spent more time with you. It was great to see you. I enjoyed our conversation on the porch, and I hope to see you again soon.



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